HMI Spring CoilerGW-6250

GW-6250 HMI Spring Coiler

GW-6250 (φ13.0~25.0mm)
● 6 Axis: Feed Roller, Top coiling slide, Bottom coiling slide, Cutter, Wedge pitch, Push pitch
● Windows system controller
● With spring 3D simulation function
● Touch Screen with USB interface
● Auto programming for various types of springs
● Program with chart of OD, Pitch, Turns, Free length and Closed-end




6 axis (Wire feed、Cutter、Wedge、Push pitch、Top coiling slide、Bottom coiling slide)

Wire dia.

Ø13.0-25.0 mm

Coiling direction

 Left / Right

Max. spring O.D.

Ø300 mm

Feed speed

62.5 m / min

Production Speed

5~20 pcs / min

Machine dimension

580x 210x300 cm (L x W x H)

Machine Weight

Total amount is around 30T (Machine is around 23T)

The specifications are subject to change without notice.